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Blocked Drains

    Blocked Drains Newcastle.

    Enviro Clear cover all aspects of blocked drains Newcastle and surrounding areas. Here we have listed 5 causes of blocked drains. This list is in no particular order but is often over looked.

    Causes of blocked drains.

    Enviro Clear come across many causes of blocked drains but the most common is foreign items entering entering the drainage system.

    1. HAIR

    Hair is a big contribution for blockages therefore prevention is key here. Many blockages Enviro Clear come in to contact with have hair mixed with other waste products which furthermore cause issues with internal pipes. Catching hair and removing from the sinks baths and showers is a must.


    Food waste should never go down the drain, it is one of the biggest factors to causing blocked drains. In todays fast paced life style it is easy to to assume we can put all our dirty dishes in to the dishwasher and it will magically disappear. In fact food waste like coffee grounds, fat, oil and  grease all  don’t break down and they will solidify in the pipes and cause a blockage. Instead, absorb oil on a paper towels, scrape plates clean before washing your plates.


    Not many people even consider that too much toilet paper can block your drains and stop your toilets from flowing. We often see excesive use of toilet paper being used resulting in the paper gathering up in the manhole chambers and not draining away.


    Sanitary products including wet wipes are a huge issue for drainage systems. These are not biodegradable and when water logged become heavy and are unable to flow away, these MUST be disposed of in the correct manner. Sanitary Products costs the UK water authorities Millions to deal with, read more here.


    Root ingress entering the below ground drainage pipes can be an expensive issue to fix. The smallest cracks allowing water to escape or can attract tree root growth. Once inside your drains tree roots quickly obstruct the flow and cause further pipe damage. Due to the way roots tend to grow in the ground, it is not uncommon for plant and tree roots to grow into your sewer lines. High Pressure Water Jetting will self propel cutting equipment and send streams of highly pressurised water through sewers to cut and clear the roots. Therefore preventing blockage and keeping them running smoothly in the future.

    Early detection of a blocked drain can drastically reduce costs. A call to one of our experienced staff will ensure a trained engineer is swiftly assigned to deal with your drainage headache. For more information on Enviro Clear visit us here today!


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