Cleared Mr. Davidson’s Blocked Toilet Drain

Mr. Davidson called our 24/7 help desk and described his symptoms. He said his downstairs toilet when flushed filled the pan to the top but slowly drained away and then actually sucked all the water out of the toilet pan and made gulping sounds. Our experienced customer service representative assured Mr. Davidson that our block drain engineers had seen these symptoms before and these symptoms indicated that the external drains might affected.

Mr. Davidson booked an appointment for 8:00 AM the following day. Our block drain engineers in Newcastle arrived and help desks diagnostics were proven correct. On lifting the external manhole chamber the drain was blocked. Engineers proceeded to gather the equipment needed to include drain rods and the high pressure water netting machine. The blockage was cleared the manhole washed down and the toilet flushed which passed in to the manhole. Mr. Davidson was very happy as the works took less than an hour, but commented that this had happened before and he had heard of a camera that could check the drain line. At Enviro Clear all our fully equipped vehicles carry CCTV Camera survey equipment. The Camera equipment was used to check the drain line from the manhole all the way to the back of the toilet pan, because Enviro Clear use the latest cutting edge equipment Mr. Davidson was able to watch the screen ad it happens and was even able to get a copy sent to him. The survey showed no defects , objects or issues within the drain line which Mr. Davidson was very pleased about.

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