How To Unblock a Badly Blocked Toilet

If you are suffering from a blocked toilet and are currently searching the internet for methods to use on how to unclog a toilet fast or on how to clear the blockage yourself, then you are in the right place. We have gathered all the methods from the internet (well the ones that could work) and listed them below. So let’s get cracking on how to unblock a badly blocked toilet.

Man Stressed for Blocked ToiletToilet Out of Order

How to unblock a blocked toilet with house hold items:

1. The plunger method.

If you do not have a plunger do not panic as a Mop is the next best thing. Grab your mop and pop the mop head in to a black bag or wrap it in cling film. The idea is to create a suction within the toilet, and for this to happen the toilet needs to be quite full, now do not be tempted to flush the toilet and add water via a bucket where you control how much you pour in. Once the toilet is full of water place the mob in to the toilet bowl and firmly push the mob into the hole, sharply pull back to create a suction and then push the mop head back in to the hole. Repeat this with a steady rhythm, if you push water away but its not 100% clear add water from the bucket as and when needed. This may not be a 1 minute job and elbow grease will be required.

How To Unblock a Badly Blocked Toilet

2. Water from a height

This actually works and is our second choice, fill a bucket and get as high as you can above the toilet bowl and pour the entire bucket from a height as quick as you are able. This will create pressure on the blockage and hopefully dislodge it. Be sure to have an old an towel or two on the floor as I am pretty sure there will be some misses and splashes.

3. Chemicals

Now we do not recommend using chemicals on this how to unblock a blocked toilet list, and the reason why is, if you have failed to shift the blockage using the two above methods then the chemical method is a long shot as this must be a solid blockage. However if you do think it is worth a try be sure every one in the household is fully aware of what is getting put down the toilet, for example bleach or drain cleaner fluids. This method is also an over night remedy and is not an instant fix like the others.

We have read some very strange methods of how to unblock a blocked toilet during our search on the internet and can confirm most will not work. Do not poke coat hangers down the toilet bowl, do not wrap a cloth on a coat hanger and push it down the toilet as this will come off and add to your problem.

In most cases calling a blocked drain expert in Newcastle will be cheaper than expected and save all the time and hassle involved.